Your First Krav Maga Class in Swindon

british krav maga class in Swindon

Your first Krav Maga class at Krav Maga Swindon

What can you expect on your first class at Krav Maga Swindon ? We offer one free http://kravmagaswindon.comKrav Maga Class in Swindon to anyone wanting to try it out for themselves. It’s great exercise and good fun, and it’s the only way to see if Krav is a good fit for you and your training goals. Booking is simple, and when you get to your Krav Maga class, your instructor will meet you before the lesson and chat to you about safety, your goals and any injuries or concerns you have. Previous experience definitely isn’t necessary – it’s your instructor’s job to introduce you to the skills and tactics of Krav Maga, and they have a lot of experience doing just that, with people of all levels of experience. Our classes are renowned for warm welcomes, community spirit and a positive, rewarding training environment. We actively screen against egos and bad attitudes, making sure that our classes are only filled with people who want to train and help others train. What you can expect is to get a very good workout, great motivation and a new set of skills, from instructors with the highest standard of professional reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started or book a Krav Maga class in Swindon?

Call us on 07866417618 or email us at We’d love to hear from you. We are happy to chat or answer any questions you may have.

You may also wish to stay in touch with the class via our Facebook page.

Is age an issue?

Krav Maga is for everyone. Unless you have a serious underlying medical condition, you can train long past your 60s. Ease off on the intensity, take a break as you need it – the fitness will come.

Do I need to be fit to go to a Krav Maga class in Swindon?

No. It’s our job to get you fit! Because Krav is a group activity, it’s a lot easier to find the motivation to push yourself to reach your goals. Also, because you are learning skills, it’s easier to do the exercise because your mind isn’t on the work, it’s on the fun! If you work hard, you’ll notice a difference in as little as 3 weeks. In 12 weeks you will wish you had started years ago.

Do I need to have experience?

No. Just like with fitness, it’s our job to train you, from scratch, in what is widely considered to be the most effective real world combat discipline in the modern world. Some martial arts or fighting training does complement Krav Maga training, but it certainly isn’t essential. Some training can actually negatively effect your ability to learn in the first instance. Either way, we’ll get you where you need to go.

Will I get hurt?

No. Krav Maga Swindon instructors are professional instructors. It’s our job to give you the skills you need without breaking you! In truth, Krav Maga training is tough. You can expect bruises and bumps but injury is very rare. And the contact elements of Krav Maga – the fighting – isn’t obligatory for beginners. There are softer versions of each drill that beginners do, and it’s up to you when, or if, you progress to contact and pressure drills.

british krav maga class in SwindonHow long will it be before I can defend myself.

People are very varied. Factors that effect training times to good function are: Previous fight experience or martial arts training; previous instances of combat; military training; fitness; discipline; willingness to practice in own time. As the lead instructor of Krav Maga Swindon, I have seen people combat effective, for example working a nightclub door and handling violence successfully, within 12 weeks. On the other hand, there are certainly people who will not learn effectively, no matter what we do to try to help them. Fighting – real world fighting – is about more than skill; it’s about courage and the will to overcome. If you have that, or can find it in training, Krav Maga will give you effective skills in mere months.

How many classes should I do?

We recommend a minimum of once a week. Most students attend twice a week. But the choice is yours. Remember, our policy is that if you train once a week, it doesn’t matter which session you attend, so it’s very flexible. And, if you miss a session, you can make it up the next week.

Are there belts and grading assessments?

Krav Maga does not use the Japanese belt system. We have levels, Practitioner levels for students, and Graduate levels for instructors. Students can grade in their club but this is regulated by the British Krav Maga Association to ensure quality standards. Some gradings are conducted in house, others by an external examiner sent by the Association.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. There is no long term contract with us. Once you sign up, you can cancel at any time by giving 30 day’s notice, just like any rolling phone contract.

What should I wear to my first session?

Wear comfy clothing and trainers. We recommend clothing that covers the knees, as we use the knees to strike with and also work sometimes on the floor – you’ll be glad of the protection a pair of tracksuit bottoms or leggings can provide. Also remember to bring water to your taster session as a Krav Maga class is very good exercise.